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Florence HVAC listed Chairman Mr. Huang Xianfeng speech
Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests:
    Good morning everyone!
    Today is a "sowing dreams, hope harvest day".Florence (Beijing) and Polytron Technologies Inc held the listing ceremony here,I only on behalf of the board of directors of the company and all the staff, to long-term care、Support the development of the company at all levels of leadership, the experts、the intermediary institutions and the community friends sincere thanks,And let us witness is of great significance in the history of Florence time.
    In Florence Mr Yang Deyuan and former chairman Wang Chieh led by MS,After ten years of development, to develop,As Florence has accumulated valuable experience,Rich brand value and corporate culture.On behalf of all staff to express my sincere thanks to them.
    In the next ten years, I move forward together with you,Will be adhering to the "pragmatic, rigorous, efficient, innovative" spirit of enterprise,The spirit of "everything for customers" service concept, as in the past we,Go to all lengths, realize "two transformation". A manufacturing enterprises change to the environmental science and technology enterprises,Will be selling a product of the enterprise to service enterprises sell program transformation,Lay a solid foundation for the realization of "intelligent HVAC leading" dream.
    Today's successful listing, Florence is the new beginning,We will strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the "new three" transactions, accept social supervision,relying on talent, capital, resources, technology, channels and other advantages,To further enhance the core competitiveness and profitability of enterprises,To create a highly social responsibility of the enterprise,Don't let the shareholders, investors, employees and social support and expectation.
    At the moment, I am very excited and thankful heart,to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you leaders and friends from all walks of life.Thank you.
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