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    Florence (Beijing) and Polytron Technologies Inc (three new board business)úČis located in the enjoyment of the "capital of the pillow" reputation of the Changping smooth industrial park,covers an area of more than 5 square meters,the company specializes in R & D and production, heating radiator, intelligent controller,water separator HVAC products,for the "rural" coal to electricity ", enterprises without coal comprehensive heating","to provide heating solutions for agricultural facilities comprehensive heating" and other related fields.with a strong R & D and production capacity,was awarded the "Chinese R & D base Chinese new radiator heating radiator committee"úČat the same time, was named "national high-tech enterprise" and "high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun"úČincluded in the GB/T13754-2008 "heating radiator capacity determination method",as universities and research institutes working closely with partners.
    The company to strengthen the sense of quality, the products produced by the "CCC" compulsory certification,the European "EN442", "CE", "FCC","testing and certification of ROHS" and other domestic and international relevant organizations.And through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.Set up the "brand, quality, integrity, responsibility" as its own business philosophy,the establishment of the "innovative, intelligent, energy-saving, environmental protection" as the goal of the business ideas,the establishment of a sound marketing network and perfect after sale service system.Review the course of twelve years, the achievements of Florence today are,mainly depends on the support and trust of all walks of life, we are always gratefulúČin the future, a long way to go, we will gather more power,adhering to the "pragmatic, rigorous, efficient, innovative and pioneering spirit",Welcome to Florence more glorious and resplendent tomorrow.
    The history of Florenceú║
1998: FLORECE first product in Italy Florence.
2003: FLORECE China officially entered the market.
2005: a variety of FLORECE by top global technology products research and development production,including Florence and ELSA two sisters series,and steel, sanitary ware, art type, copper aluminum compound and a total of 1000 kinds of common specifications into the market,the layout of the whole year China market.
2006: participated in the preparation of a new steel, copper and aluminum composite,all copper water convection radiator national standardsúČchinese building decoration enterprise "Chinese environmental mark" standard drafting unit.
2007: Chinese Construction Metal Structure Association Committee authorized for "Chinese exclusive heating radiator R & D base"íú
2008: FLORECE was founded ten years, FLORECE of China market attention and understanding based on,FLORECE transition to production, boiler water separator, thermostat,PERT tube, heating cable, carbon crystal plate radiator based integrated HVAC solutions provider.
2014: Florence (Beijing) and Polytron Technologies Inc in the first China HVAC three new board listed companies,the stock referred to as Florence, stock code 831307.The company was founded in 2003 January, the Beijing Florece Radiator Company,in March this year to Polytron Technologies Inc.
2015:Florence (Beijing) HVAC Polytron Technologies Inc has launched a revolutionary energy saving products,Energy experts cube,High density and high stability nanocomposite heat storage materials for storage of heat storage medium,has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, etc.The design of the module, meeting the heating demand of the customers with different space and objective conditions,and can effectively improve energy efficiency, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.
Today: FLORECE will go to the warmth to every user,in China FLORECE will always adhere to the quality of Italy,high efficiency, low pollution products to market.in order to meet the needs of users China.The complete heating products production line, greatly enhance the consumer experience,to strengthen the market competitiveness of FLORECE in Chinese.In 15 years, FLORECE has won the praise of the market.FLORECE will go all out,with more advanced products and better service to customer feedback.The warmth to every user, FLORECE is the eternal faith.

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